Papageno : Character Model

Posed version of the character as a short animated turnaround to get a better look at Papageno!
Rendered in Unreal Engine. 

Credit to Natlie Spitzel for the Original Concept and Staff

UE Video Turnaround
UE Posed Turnaround

Here's the posed model with his staff rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Lowpoly model around 9,500 quads. It's incredible seeing him finally come to life! 

Substance Turnaround

Textured in Substance Painter. 
It's awesome to see the colored and textured version of the character. I learned a lot about baking high poly information to a low poly model using a cage model. Definitely going to be using that again for future bakes.

Papageno Highpoly Turnaround

Highpoly sculpt of Papageno before heading into retopology. I always have a blast sculpting characters and he is no
exception! I think my favorite part was playing with how to sculpt stylized hair. 

Second Pass Orthographic

Orthographic turnaround of Papageno after talking with the art director and making second pass adjustments to original concept. Trying to make it make more sense from a realistic and sculptural perspective.

Draw over done by Natalie Spitzel 

Papageno Original Concept

The starting concept of Papageno from the game Lyrica created by the DigiPen student team with the same name. Credit to Natalie Spitzel the Art Director/Director of the team for art and concept.