Models & Sculpts

April, 2020

My final project for one of my last portfolio classes at DigiPen Institute of Technology!

I decided to test myself by going through the pipeline of making a 3D character model of one of my favorite video game characters of all time. I figured that in doing this I would get a good long look at just what makes a fantastic character design so I could improve not only my modeling and texturing skills, but my character design skills as well. 

This was an admittedly difficult but ultimately fun challenge through this semester. I learned a lot and look forward to utilizing this knowledge in future projects!

Character belongs to Nintendo. This is a fan model.


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| Zbrush | Maya | Substance Painter |

| Marmoset |


December, 2019

This semester I had the honor of working on the MFA team Lirica and bringing the character Papageno to life.

I learned a lot while making this character, including how to utilize stylized textures in Substance, how to create cage meshes to bake better normals, and how difficult retopologizing individual feathers can be.

Over the course of the semester I helped adjust the initial concept, sculpted, retopologized, optimized, textured, and put the character into the Unreal engine to be played in the game Lirica.


- Programs -

| Zbrush | Maya | Substance Painter |

| Keyshot | Unreal 4 |


April, 2019

  My second character taken through the full character modeling pipeline.

  I concepted, sculpted, retopologized, optimized , textured, and rendered the character over the course of fifteen weeks. I learned so much from this project including just how far I could push myself with the additional ZBrush knowledge I'd gained at the time.

  I'm looking forward to seeing what more I can create in the future!



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| Zbrush | Maya | Substance Painter |

| Marmoset |

December, 2018

  My second project while learning ZBrush and my first full character sculpt!


  After my first time learning ZBrush I got the opportunity to test my skills and make the best sculpt I could at the time. The program was actually rather difficult to pick up, but after some practice it became more intuitive and easier to visually articulate what I'd intended.

- Programs -

| Zbrush | Maya | Keyshot |


January, 2019

  A concept model sheet of a character I decided to take through the 3D pipeline.

Galaxia is a very old character of mine and has gone through (and will likely continue to go through) many iterations before I nail exactly what I want in her design. However, for the purposes of modeling, this worked great!

  I would love to take a shot at modeling someone else's concepts to see what if I can achieve what they'd intended.

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| Photoshop CC 2018 |

March, 2018

  One of my first more complex character designs I'd made for a class.

  For Wu Ji I was required to create a character in the style/world of Final Fantasy, with Shadow/Shapeshifter as the archetype. I had a lot of fun getting to research a lot of material I knew virtually nothing about!

I drew heavy inspiration from the Wu Shamans of ancient China and symbols of duality.

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| Photoshop CC 2017 |